Monday, June 4, 2012

The Top Three healthy Non Toxic Cookware Sets

With all of the bad publicity that Teflon and aluminum cookware has received, many of us are searching for healthy non toxic cookware. It doesn't make any sense to purchase healthy whole foods and then cook them in toxic pots and pans.

Although stainless steel cookware has been thought about a safe alternative, it does have one drawback. Stainless steel cookware is made with a compound of stainless steel, chromium and nickel. None of these are harmful in small doses, but many population are allergic to nickel. If you are allergic to nickel, you should refrain from using stainless steel cookware.


Another concern that many population are not aware of is that some glazes used on crock pots have small whole of lead. The hint is to use terra cotta crock pots without the lead glaze.

The Top Three healthy Non Toxic Cookware Sets

The best cookware which is healthy and non toxic is anodized aluminum cookware. The process used in manufacture the hard anodized aluminum seals the aluminum with an extremely hard exterior coating which is non-reactive and prevents any aluminum from leaching into the food we are cooking.

The following three fellowships have excellent hard anodized aluminum cookware sets that are healthy and non toxic:

Calphalon is the foremost constructor but many other fellowships are now producing cookware sets made with the hard anodized aluminum. Calphalon cookware cooks evenly on lower heat and is stick-resistant. They have stainless steel handles which will stay cool while stovetop cooking. The pans and lids can be used in the oven and broiler.

Cuisinart has introduced a line of non-stick cookware called Cuisinart Green gastronome Hard Anodized Cookware. They work just like the Teflon cookware, except they don't emit any of the toxic fumes that Teflon pans do. Just like the Teflon pans, they allow you to cook with less oil and they are also power effective and eco-friendly. This Green gastronome cookware set is oven and broiler safe.

KitchenAid has their own set of non-stick anodized aluminum cookware called KitchenAid gastronome Essentials. This cookware set features stainless steel handles coated with silicone grips. The lids are break resistant glass which makes it nice to see what you are cooking. These pots and pans are oven safe up to 400 degrees.

All three of these fellowships cookware sets are extremely recommended healthy non toxic sets. I use the Kitchen Aid gastronome Essentials cookware in my kitchen. It is the best value out of the three.

The Top Three healthy Non Toxic Cookware Sets